Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture for the Management of Neurological Disorders

Cupping therapy has historically been used worldwide to treat a variety of ailments, from the common cold to sore muscles. Nowadays, its benefits are backed by scientific research and gaining recognition within mainstream medicine. The procedure involves placing heated cups upon the skin’s surface which creates suction – thus drawing blood closer to the outer layers of dermis & muscle tissue; stimulating healthier circulation in problem areas & potentially relieving stress-induced pains.

History of Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an ancient healing technique practiced as early as 1550 BCE, commonly seen in Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Asian cultures. Its regional variations often resemble the geographic locations they are found in; local materials such as animal horns bamboo aerial ceramic glass metal or plastic have all been utilized throughout centuries of practice to help promote self-healing within the body. Evidence from Eber’s Papyrus (1550BCE) indicates that cups were already being used by physicians for apparatus purposes during this period, while Ge Hong’s writings highlighted its use with animal horns for draining fluids from a person’s system – techniques which remain regularly adapted today!

Chinese medical therapies like cupping are based on a holistic concept that originated with the Daoists. This philosophy of holism asserts that all things, even individual humans, must be considered together rather than removed from their environment or viewed simply as collections of components. According to this view, individuals cannot exist in isolation and instead rely upon nature for sustenance – which includes being impacted by natural phenomena such as climate changes and seasonal cycles; as well as emotional states caused by trauma or stressors that can lead to an imbalance within the body creating illness.


Cupping therapy has been a pillar of ancient healing practices for millennia, providing relief from muscular pain, cold symptoms and circulatory issues. And yet – despite its long-standing tradition – some regard it as a mere ‘alternative’ treatment with no evidence to back up its efficacy. However, scientific data collected through meta-analyses provide substantial proof that dry cupping is capable of significantly reducing physical discomfort all over the world!

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