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Gua sha massage is derived from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and involves rolling or scraping a smooth “healing” stone across the skin.

With this alternative therapy making a comeback, is it actually worth trying? Here’s everything you want to know about gua sha massage.

Gua sha techniques: What does it do?

Gua sha is thought to free up stagnant energy in the body. In accordance with ancient Chinese medicine, gua sha practitioners believe that chi may become blocked in certain areas of the body and lead to problems like inflammation, chronic pain, and disease.

During a gua sha massage, a technician will scrape your skin in a downward motion to stimulate soft tissue circulation and boost blood flow.

They’ll make these strokes with a gua sha massage tool, which is typically a smooth-edged, almost heart-shaped stone made from jade or amethyst. They may apply a little massage oil to aid the process.

The practice is typically done on the back, butt, neck, arms, or legs. A gentler version of the practice is sometimes done on the face, too.

Gua sha massage tools

Before stones and crystals were beloved by spiritual-wellness Instas, they were used in ancient healing practices. That’s because TCM practitioners believe certain natural materials contain energy that facilitates healing.

Jade is thought to be an ideal stone for gua sha since practitioners believe it has a chi energy that’s similar to the human body and may contain balancing properties. Other common gua sha stones include Bian stone, rose quartz, amethyst, and aventurine.

Sometimes medical-grade stainless steel is used by a technician instead of stone. In ancient times, a spoon or coin was also used for gua sha.

Gua Sha has been known to do the following:

Reduce inflammation

Ease headaches

Aid in muscle recovery

Reduce pain

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