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Cupping is a traditional treatment that helps to resolve chronic muscle pain and tightness, and much faster than massage therapy on its own. 

Although an ancient treatment, people from all walks of life—including celebrities and Olympic gold medalists— are discovering the benefits of cupping. People are proudly parading the vibrant red circles on their backs and shoulders as a way of advocating the treatment’s magic. 

But did you know that cupping can do even more than just relieve chronic muscle soreness?

Here are a few surprising benefits of cupping therapy that you maybe didn’t know about. 

It is good for circulation.

The area in which the cups are placed on the body receives additional blood flow, which ultimately relieves muscle tension and stimulates cell repair.

It encourages toxin release

Cupping gives the body a boost in releasing the extra toxins that build up with our modern lifestyles. Increased circulation assists the body in flushing out those reservoirs of built-up toxins through your lymphatic system. 

It can reduce scars, including stretch marks

Cupping promotes increased blood flow and toxin disposal, assists in removing excess fluid in the body, and restores your lymphatic circulation, which all together help to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin.