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Myofascial decompression or cup therapy is becoming increasingly more popular. The process is fairly simple and can have very positive results for those who are suffering from aches and pains in their muscles and joints. Many athletes have turned to this form of therapy as a way to heal their muscles after they practice or compete in events.

Myofascial decompression involves a therapist placing cups over any injured areas of the body that may have knots or lesions. The skin underneath the cups is then lifted by the suction. As this happens, the tissues in that particular area of the body will start to receive more blood. As the blood rushes to these areas, the area will start to heal.

Cupping or myofascial decompression can be effective in decreasing pain and stiffness. This form of therapy can help to improve the health of the tissue and increase mobility.

Cupping is used most often for the following:

  • Break up and scar tissue or adhesions that are present
  • Increase blood flow to a muscle, ligament, or tendon that is slow to heal.
  • Reduce the formation of scars
  • Decrease myofascial dysfunction
  • Releasing trigger points
  • Decreasing tightness in muscles and the fascia surrounding it.