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Remedying chronic pain doesn’t happen overnight. It takes proven quality solutions to create lasting results.

While it may be a more foreign technique to you today, cupping therapy has actually been a proven pain reliever used for thousands of years. It’s been refined as a leading natural health solution to reduce inflammation, prevent muscle soreness, increase blood flow, and provide quick-relief comfort. Comparable to a deep-tissue massage, cupping techniques have adapted to be extremely effective and versatile pain relievers.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

1. Finding Target Pain Points

Chronic pain is a frustrating distraction and deterrent from your daily activity. We begin by finding the target pain points that need dedicated attention. This allows for the cupping treatment to run smoothly, while also providing you with reduced aches and pains the fastest.

2. Applying Heat

Next, our cupping experts’ treatments begin with burning herbs or just a piece of paper to create heat. Heat acts as a stimulating agent to prepare your skin best for treatment.

3. Creating a Vacuum

Then, as the heat reduces and the cup itself begins to vacuum seal, you’ll feel your skin start to react. This aims to reduce the toxins in the skin and any other harmful bacteria that are clogging your pores.

4. Small Incisions

Incisions are the last step. These are tiny cuts that exfoliate your skin and allow the body to react much more quickly to treatment. With our expert attention, you’ll feel zero pain through these small incisions.

5. Quick Recovery

After your treatment, there’s a brief recovery time that lasts around eight to ten days. We’ll provide complimentary antibiotics when necessary, as well as any patch bandages to avoid infections.

Deeper-Impact Benefits of Cupping Therapy

  • Reduce acne breakouts in your skin
  • Alleviate migraine pain quickly
  • Reduce bronchial pains and congestion surrounding asthma and allergies
  • Can help with anxiety and depression
  • Minimize blood disorder effects, such as anemia, for example

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