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Acupuncture can be utilized to target pain all over the body through central nervous system blood flow stimulation. This stimulation pushes natural healing to become stronger and improve internal efficiency. This has a lasting affect on the body, often leading to better moods and less mental attention to lingering body stress/fatigue. 

Acupuncture appointments leave a lasting impression on the body, and while client results can vary, the average client should expect at least a couple of weeks in the lasting effects of the treatment.

What pain is acupuncture effective for?

When seeking an appointment, lower back and neck pain are the most commonly affected areas that source new clients. Labor-intensive occupations and desk jobs both create soreness and fatigue in those areas, but require attentive, specialized care to be attended to properly. The same pain may be lingering for completely different reasons, which is why getting professional attention is best. 

Headaches are relieved, tooth aches, and overall stiffness in the body is reduced. While relieving pain is the focus, body wellness and health is improved throughout the acupuncture process. This process is begun in the initial evaluation. A practitioner goes through this process when deciding which areas to target most prominently.

This can be catered to the client’s preference based on their own thoughts in what they want healed, as well as what the acupuncturist assesses.